Routes of visit
A single itinerary, three thematic pathways

Stories of Ferrara

Burials of personalities who, with their biographical profile and their professional activity, helped to develop and tell the history of Ferrara

The Seven Arts

Burials of poets, writers, architects, painters and film directors with a national and international profile

The Sacred Beauty

A selection of precious burials and other relevant elements of funerary and religious iconography and iconology

How to visit the Ferrara Charterhouse
Artour app to discover the beauties of the Charterhous independently

Artour is a Platform & mobile app for visiting the Ferrara Charterhouse Monumental Cemetery and many other Significant Cemeteries of Europe. 

Download the App from Google Play (Android) or from App Store (iOS) and search for Ferrara Charterhouse Monumental Cemetery.

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Map of the Charterhous and itinerary

Download the map and discover the Charterhous of Ferrara. You will find three routes and different historical-artistic information. For a better use print the map in A3 duplex format. 

Guided tours
Six centuries of history, from monastery to municipal cemetery

The Ferrara Charterhouse has accompanied the most salient stages of Ferrara’s evolution, a city initially cradle of the Renaissance, then northern offshoot of the Church State during the legatizia age, and later Napoleonic centre and rearguard in the liberation process.

Stages that have left their marks on this monument’s transformations over time.

It will be for the serene sweetness of the place, and also, it is understood, for its almost Perfect and perpetual solitude, that Piazza della Certosa has always been a destination for conferences of lovers [Giorgio Bassani]. Lovers of eternal beauty.

We are member of ASCE

The Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) is the European network comprising those public and private organisations which care for cemeteries considered to be of historical or artistic importance. ASCE in a not-for-profit organisation with a clear and global character. 

To promote European cemeteries as a fundamental part of the heritage of the humanity. To raise European citizen awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. In order to fulfil its purposes the Association shall: Share experiences and best practices, Co-operating to protect, restores and ensure ongoing care and maintenance to cemeteries.


How to get here
Main entrance – Via borso, 1 – 44121 Ferrara (FE)

   by car   

Take the A13 Motorway (those arriving from Venice, Padua and Mantua exit at Ferrara Nord, those arriving from Bologna exit at Ferrara Sud).

Diamanti car park (entrance on Via Arianuova): the car park is open 24 hours, and is located just 400 metres from the main entrance.

For More information http://www.ferraratua.it/parcheggi/ 

  By train  

Trenitalia (Venice-Florence-Rome line or Milan-Bologna/Bologna-Ferrara line) www.trenitalia.com

Passenger transport Emilia-Romagna (Mantua-Ferrara-Codigoro line) www.tper.it

Italo (Venezia-Salerno line) www.italotreno.it

   by BUS 

Line 3 travels from the Central Train Station (departure from the square) to the “Portamare Ariostea” stop (just 300 m from the main entrance)

information and timetable www.tper.it/fe-3 

  by plane 

A shuttle service is available from Bologna’s “G. Marconi” airport to Ferrara’s Historic Centre. For more information: www.ferrarabusandfly.it

For information
IAT - Tourist Information Office
Ferrara – Castello Estense
Phone. 0532 209370/299303
  Website www.ferrarainfo.com