Slide La Certosa di Ferrara


The Ferrara Charterhouse holds a unique place among Ferrara’s vast range of monuments. It’s a place where memories of the past, masterpieces of sacred art, and traces of the relationship between the city and the community lie enshrined, shrouded in silence, and enveloped in an atmosphere of peaceful meditation. Visiting the Charterhouse means delving into the deepest recesses of Ferrara’s history of sculpture, architecture and urbanism.

  • The Ferrara Charterhouse is an itinerant library of illustrious people and memorable personal stories. It is the resting place for the bodies of people who helped change the course of our society, leaving behind concrete actions and principles of beauty. A vast and diverse series of individuals, including universally renowned names, and others revered only by a more knowledgeable audience.
  • The Ferrara Charterhouse is a melting pot of sophisticated schools of architecture and sculpture. Extraordinary artists offered their knowledge and talent to memorialise the dead through monumental tombs, sepulchral sculptures, and marble statues capable of establishing intimate bonds between the immanent and the transcendent.
  • The Ferrara Charterhouse is a major component of a precise urbanistic concept. Designed outside the urban basin as a place of prayer, and transformed into an area of worship within the walls of the Herculean Addition, it plays a pivotal role in the urban planning that paved the way to the concept of modern city.
  • The Ferrara Charterhouse is a park of over 6 hectares located in the heart of the city. An immense and peaceful green area, in which rare and extraordinarily beautiful trees and plant varieties live and grow. The perfect destination to enjoy moments of Buen Retiroand reflection in contact with nature.

The Ferrara Charterhouse is an evocative, multi-purpose, open-air museum.