Slide Scopri ARTOUR e visita la Certosa di Ferrara in autonomia
Learn how to use Artour
This page has been realized in collaboration with the IIS N. Copernico-A. Carpeggiani of Ferrara as part of the school-work alternation Project
What is it for

Is a Platform & mobileappwith Personal trips planning, Augmented Reality, dynamic maps, Field Research projects and many other features.

It allows you to visit the main historic European monumental cemeteries in complete autonomy

Allowsaccess to photos, directions and historical-artistic descriptions easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet

You can reach the main points of interest and add the chosen monument to thepersonal list

How does that work?
 Download the APP
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    store for  Androiddevices and theApp store for IOS Device
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Once downloaded the App search Certosa di Ferrara Monumental Cemetery

You can:

  • Read The information
    Historical-Artistic collections in the Guides
  • View photos of the main
  • Access to augmented reality
  Reach the point of interest

locates the point of interest and reach it easily thanks to the interactive map